Private Tuition for A levels


A-levels are a mountain higher than GCSEs right from the start.
There isn't time to go back. The subject matter has to be learned as the terms progress.

Woa. Lets start at the beginning.

    Have you chosen the right subjects for you?

    Then you must commit to those subjects

    At school hopefully you will receive about 4 hours tuition per subject per week

    You must put an equivalent of that in personal study.

    This makes it not easy to keep up, especially if you miss a lesson through illness or university interviews or whatever.

    Nowadays it is recognised that 1 in 5 A level pupils has a private tutor.

    One hour spent with such a tutor can be the equivalent of three hours in a class room.

    It is known that students at this age have part time jobs. Every hour over 8 will cost you a grade!

    A tutor can help recover that situation. A level is not revising the night before. You must keep up.

    Then there are those exams. It is easy to think resits but many universities do not like resits
    especially medicine and vetinary courses.

    There is help at hand.

    Eric and Marilyn are experienced tutors.

    Lessons are friendly and supportive.

    Call or txt 07766315105 and we can talk about your needs and a time that suits you